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Important Information and Safety

Before you embark on your adventure, check this important information regarding requirements, dress code, safety, and more. For more information, see also our Frequently asked questions.

Come Ready For Adventure

Adventure Dress Code

  • All participants must wear closed, secured, athletic footwear (no sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, Toms, slippers, Five-fingers, etc). In other words, "wear sneakers". Shoe rentals are available at the Harness House for $3.00 if needed.
    • Dresses and skirts must have shorts/pants worn underneath.
    • Wear weather appropriate attire. Please keep in mind that we are an outdoor, active activity, and you will be wearing a harness. ("Short shorts", crop tops, and bathing suits are not recommended.)
    • Long hair should be tied back and secured.
    • Secure eyeglasses and hats.
    • Remove loose jewelry, scarves, and accessories.

    Please give our office a call if you are unsure about any dress code decisions.

Come Hydrated and Well-Fed

  • Make sure you drink lots of water and eat a good breakfast. It gets very hot in Central Florida, especially during the summer, and we want to make sure every adventurer is prepared.
  • This is a strenuous activity; treat adventure like you're going to the gym. Your body will need the fuel, trust us.
  • If you are diabetic or have other health concerns, inform our staff before your adventure begins and bring some snacks or glucose tablets with you.
  • Snacks and water are available for purchase at the Harness House.


Minors and Adventure

Children under 18 must have a Minor Release Form signed by a parent/guardian.Minors and Adventure

  • You may sign a Minor Release Form for your child at the park that day, or print it out and sign it in advance.
  • Those bringing Minors they are not legally responsible for (i.e. "friends") should have their parent/guardian sign a form for them to bring along.
  • Children under 13 must have a parent/guardian follow them (from the ground is okay) throughout the course.
  • Children 13 and over may participate without adult supervision, as long as they have a signed Minor Release Form.

Important Course Information

Participant Height/Age Requirements:

  • Kids' Course: Between 36" and 60" and at least 5 years old.
  • Upland and Rainforest: At least 54" tall.

Typical time to complete courses:

  • Upland: 1.5 hours
  • Upland and Rainforest: 2.5 hours
  • Kids’ Course: 1 hour

See our Courses page for more detailed descriptions of our Adventure Courses.

Restrictions and Regulations

  • Maximum waist size for harnesses is 48"; maximum thigh size 26". While we do not have a weight limit/requirement, all participants must fit comfortably and safely into a harness.
  • Pregnant women are expressly prohibited from going on any Zoom Air course.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, or medications that may impair their ability to perform on the course is prohibited from participating in any Zoom Air activity. There will be no refunds if staff notices you are under the influence once you have purchased a bracelet.
  • No refunds are available after safety briefing has been conducted and participants start the course.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to, or order off the course, anyone who disregards any safety rules or appear to our staff to be unable to safely complete the course. There will be no refunds if such action is required.
  • What if I have an Injury?
  • Can anyone go on the course (And Other Restrictions)


The best adventure is one you can have again. That’s why our staff is dedicated to safety above all else. Everyone, everyday goes through a safety briefing to learn about their adventure and demonstrate their new skills prior to starting. Our Safety Officers and Operators constantly monitor from the ground to ensure safety and give helpful tips. Additionally, our adventure courses and equipment are inspected every single day for optimal security.


During your safety briefing on the ground, you are taught how to use all your safety equipment and safely navigate the course. You will then go through a brief demonstration to show what learned. Once you and we are confident that you understand how to proceed safely, you head for the trees and adventure! Our qualified operators, on the ground, monitor your progress through the games and are available for any questions or concerns you may have along the way. You proceed independently, your safety ensured by two lanyards from your harness that are always attached to a life line.

All individual equipment required for this activity is provided, and is included in the admission price.

For more information see also Frequently asked questions.


 Weather Policy

What if it rains?


Glad you asked. Rain is frequently an issue in Central Florida, especially on summer afternoons.

Here's the deal: We don't like to close because of weather, but we also want our customers and staff to be safe. When rain and severe weather is threatened, our staff monitors the weather radar to anticipate and assess any potential issues.

  • If it's just a light rain, that's fine; you're going to get wet during your adventure.
  • If it's more of a storm, but the radar indicates it will pass through quickly, we will hold up activity on the courses until the storm passes. Naturally, we don't mess around with lightning. If there is any of lightning anticipated near us, prepare to wait it out.

Often, the weather issues are temporary, but sometimes the radar tells us that we will be dealing with real storms for an hour or more, or storms are flaring up so quickly that we all would be at risk. In those circumstances, we have to close. Safety is always our number one concern.

If we have to cut short your treetop adventure because of weather issues, WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS, RAIN CHECKS, OR RETURNS TO FINISH THE COURSES ON ANOTHER DAY. If the radar tells us we're at risk for closing, but it's not certain, we'll tell you that before we sell you admission. However, there are no guarantees. Even professional meteorologists won't give you guarantees; our employees make the best guesses they can based on the information provided.

We strongly encourage you to plan your visit early in the day when we are in the rainy season, to increase your chances of avoiding bad weather (and disappointment).

If you are wondering if we are staying open because of the weather, you may call the office at (407) 330-0767. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, as we try to post closing information there, and the phone often gets very busy when weather threatens us.