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Zoom Air Course Options


Night Adventuree

Enjoy nature from a new perspective. Use all your muscles and senses to navigate 30 game elements, including 4 zip lines. Game height gradually increases to around 35 feet, and there are alternative routes in the second section – easier vs. more challenging, higher vs. lower – but if you plan to continue on to the Rainforest, always take the more challenging and higher routes, to prepare you! Halfway through Upland, you zip down to the ground, providing an opportunity to grab a drink of water or visit the restrooms briefly before you continue on the second half. 

Typical time to complete:  1.5 hours.
(Requirement:  Minimum height of 54”)



Night Adventuree

Immerse yourself in the forest canopy and experience the wild thrill of adventure. Rainforest’s 30 games (with 5 zip lines) are higher and more challenging than those in Upland, and you enter and exit the course by way of a 500-foot zip line, starting nearly 50 feet in the air!

Typical time to complete:  1 hour.
(Requirement:  Minimum height of 54”, and you must complete Upland first, that visit)



Kids' Course

Night AdventureeZoom Air has ziplining for kids, too, on our course designed for young adventurers who like to do things “all by myself!” Secured to the lifeline, with a parent walking on the ground beside them, children safely can test their agility and courage as they progress through the first half of the Kids’ Course, Kids’ Upland, on games around 4 feet above the ground. Kids’ Upland ends in a just-like-the-adults’ (except much lower and much easier) zip line. Then the young adventurers go on to thread their way through the Kids’ Jungle like a cat on the prowl, with a new adventure on the other side of each tree. Kids’ Jungle reaches a peak of around 10’, and culminates in a zipline swing.

Typical time to complete:  45 minutes to 1.25 hours, depending on age.
(Requirements:  Minimum age 5 years; height of 36” to 60”)