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Any day of the week, ZOOm Air offers a 10% discount on the regular admission price for groups of 10 or more paid admissions. And on NON-HOLIDAY WEEKDAYS, your group of 10 or more participants can get a 20% discount on the regular admission price. These discounts apply if all admissions are purchased by a single payer; individual purchases do not qualify. When you arrive at the Zoo, go to the ZOOm Air office to buy your discounted admissions. Or call (407) 330-0767 to include Zoom Air in your travel tours.

A "non-holiday weekday" is Monday through Friday, where the day does not fall on a national holiday. Discounts cannot be combined, and no discounts are available for upgrade admissions.

Reservations are not required for most groups. We are accustomed to accommodating groups of 10-20 with minimal wait time. If you wish, however, to reserve a start time, contact us at (407) 330-0767, at least one week in advance. Reservations for groups of more than 20 participants will require signing a Group Reservation Agreement, guaranteeing a minimum of 10 paid admissions, and a $200 deposit. For small groups of 10-20 participants, we will waive the reservation deposit. 

If children under 18 are attending without their parents, the parent/guardian must complete and sign our "Minor Release" and send it in with the children. If the parents will be in attendance, copies of the release will be available for them to sign at the Harness House.

Groups will be charged sales tax, unless arrangements have been made with the ZOOm Air office at least one week in advance.