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01. Do I need reservations?
We start customers on the course as they arrive, throughout our hours of operation. Reservations are not needed for individuals or small groups. However, we do recommend reservations for groups of 15 or more. Call 386.569.3519 to make reservations.

02. But what if the park is busy?
Like any attraction in Central Florida, we tend to be busy on weekends and holidays, and during school breaks. And like any attraction in Central Florida, if you come during those times, you may have to wait a bit to get started. We try to anticipate possible delays for incoming customers, and inform arriving customers, so you can take them into account before purchasing your admission. We want you to have fun at Zoom Air, so we use our experience to expedite starting customers on the courses as quickly as we can without compromising our safety standards.

03. Can I buy prepaid tickets for me or for gifts?
Yes, you can. Advance purchase of tickets is not necessary, and you may want to wait until you arrive at Zoom Air to see how the weather is and if there is a delay due to a high volume of customers (see answer immediately above). But if you want to purchase admissions online for yourself or as a gift, click here. You also can purchase gift admissions in person or by phone at the Zoom Air office (386.569.3519) using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card. Gift admissions purchased over the phone are sent by Priority Mail, so please try to order early enough to receive them in time for your special-occasion gift-giving. Gift admissions and advance-purchase admissions are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

04. What are the hours? What time do you close? What does "last admission" mean? Are you open on holidays?
Please see FEES/HOURS page. Mid-September to mid-December, Zoom Air Daytona Beach opens at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday; Monday and Tuesday are available for groups by advance reservations. The rest of the year, we are open every day at 9:00 a.m., weather permitting, except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. We close when the last customer is off the course, but our "last admission" time is the latest we will sell admission, because we want you to have time to complete the course(s) before dark. Last-admission time changes with the seasons, because dark comes earlier in the winter, later in the summer. Our current last-admission time will be posted on the FEES/HOURS page.

05. What's the difference between the courses?
Each course includes four zip lines and takes approximately an hour to complete. The challenge increases, going from Lagoon to Reef. If Lagoon and Reef were so good that you have to have more, Point Break lets you continue playing in the trees and adding more zip to your day.

06. I'm ready! Can I just go on Reef or Point Break?
No, sorry. We believe you, but our policy is that you must conquer the courses in succession. You must complete the Lagoon before trying the Reef, and you must complete the Reef before going on Point Break, all in the same visit. No exceptions. The difficulty and heights of the games are graduated, and for your safety, we and you need to know you're up to the challenge ahead of you.

07. Is there a weight limit?
No. But you have to be able to fit into a harness (we can accommodate, roughly, a maximum 48" waist, 26" thigh, depending on body shape) and be physically capable of performing this activity. (The courses do, however, have height restrictions: Participants must be at least 54" tall.)

08. My child is very athletic and has been zip-lining before, but she is only 53" tall. Can she go on the courses, since she's experienced?
No, sorry. The minimum height restrictions are to ensure that the participant is likely able to reach the lifeline throughout the courses, to clip on and off. It's a safety issue.

09. Can I take a break if I get tired, or can I go have lunch, and finish the course later?
There is a "natural" break between the three courses, where you do come to the ground before going up again. This is a great time to take a short break (10 minutes or less), use the facilities, or get more water. However, you cannot come back and finish the course later that day, or on another day, using the same admission bracelet. Once you have your harness, your focus has to be on the course. We have to know that every customer on any part of the course has the safety briefing fresh in their mind, and has proceeded through the course in the proper, graduated manner, in order for them to be safe. Finishing the course "later" is not an option.

10. I really want to try it, but I'm not sure I can make it all the way through. I've never done something like this. What if I get too tired or too anxious?
In the event of inclement weather, emergency health concerns, fatigue, fear, or any other reason a person cannot continue the course, specially trained Zoom Air Safety Officers are available to get you off the course and on the ground quickly and safely. We hope that guests will honestly evaluate their health before attempting the course, in order to avoid the need to leave before completing it. There are no refunds if you are unable to complete the course for any reason.

11. What are games?
A game is a tree-to-tree adventure, a zip line, or any other element used to get from one point in a course, to the next. Examples of games are swinging or rope bridges, tight wires, Tarzan swings, dancing logs, zip swings, stirrups - and zip lines.

12. How many games are on each course?
  • The Lagoon:  13, including 4 zip lines
  • The Reef:  18, including 4 zip lines
  • Point Break:  16, including 4 zip lines (longest is around 500')


How long does it take to complete each course?

We estimate around 2-3 hours to go through all three courses.

The time to get through each course depends on a number of factors, including your skill level and the number of participants ahead of you on the course. Experienced adventurers can complete it in much less time. But you can't pass those in front of you, so if you like to move quickly, come at less crowded times. Also, we recommend that you not have a tight post-Zoom Air schedule. We do not refund admission if you are running out of time to get to your dinner reservations.

14. Can my child come without me?
Parents/guardians must sign the Minor Release for their children under the age of 18. If your child is coming with a group or friends or relatives, and you will not be here to sign the release, you can print it from our website, complete and sign it, and send it in with your child. See the "Minor Release" PDF on our home page or our GROUPS page. Please note: Do not drop off children under age 13, Minor Release or not. Anyone under 13 must have an adult join them on the course, or follow them from the ground.

15. If I'm old enough to drive, can I bring some of my friends without our parents?
See answer immediately above. If you and your friends are not all old enough to vote, you'll need to bring the Minor Release, signed by your parents.

16. Do you offer discounts or coupons?
We regularly offer discounts for groups of 15 or more and school/camp groups. See our GROUPS page for details about these discounts. Other discounts and specials that currently may be in place are listed on our FEES/HOURS page. If you don't see, there, the discount you are looking for, we are not offering it at this time. To be alerted to new discounts and special offers, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

17. What if it rains?

Glad you asked. Rain is frequently an issue in Central Florida, especially on summer afternoons. Here's the deal: We don't like to close because of weather, but we also want our customers and staff to be safe. When rain is threatened, our office staff monitors the weather radar to anticipate and assess any potential issues. If it's just a light rain, we don't care; you're going to get wet. Sorry. If it's more of a storm, but the radar indicates it will pass through quickly, we will hold up activity on the courses until the storm passes. Naturally, we don't mess around with lightning. If there is any of that anticipated near us, prepare to wait it out. Often, the weather issues are temporary, but sometimes the radar tells us that we will be dealing with real storms for an hour or more - or storms are flaring up so quickly that we all would be at risk. In those circumstances, we have to close. Nobody likes it, but safety trumps satisfaction. Now, here's the part that's really unpopular, but part of life: If we have to cut short your treetop adventure because of weather issues, WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS, RAIN CHECKS, OR RETURNS TO FINISH THE COURSES ON ANOTHER DAY. If the radar tells us we're at risk for closing, but it's not certain, we'll tell you that before we sell you admission. But there are no guarantees. Even professional meteorologists won't give you guarantees; our employees make the best guesses they can based on the information provided. We strongly encourage you to plan your visit early in the day when we are in the rainy season, to increase your chances of avoiding disappointment.

If you are wondering, because of the weather, if we are staying open, you may call the office (386.569.3519). Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We try to post closing information there, and the phone often gets very busy when weather threatens us.

18. Can anyone go on the courses?

Because proceeding through the courses successfully uses the whole body, and nearly all the senses, not everyone is able to go on. We do what we can to include everyone who wants to enjoy the adventure, but we cannot compromise safety.

  • You don't have to be an athlete to be successful, but you should be in good health. Our courses provide a true physical workout and there may be an added element of stress if you are anxious about heights. If you have a condition that these circumstances may impact negatively, you should not go on the courses.
  • You must be able to walk, with easy balance.
  • The use of two arms/hands and two legs/feet is required to successfully and safely proceed.
  • You need sufficient vision ability to be able to see clearly that you are clipping onto the lifeline, the different components of the games, and instructional or warning gestures from our staff on the ground.
  • You need sufficient hearing capacity to be able to hear and understand instructions or warnings from our staff on the ground.
  • You need sufficient cognitive ability to be able to learn, remember, and apply the training we give in our safety briefings.
  • If you are prone to seizures, you should not go on the courses.
  • If you have tactile issues, you should understand, up front, that you will be wearing safety equipment and, at times, gloves.


If you are easily overstimulated, you should, at least, avoid coming to Zoom Air on weekends or during holidays (including Spring and Winter Breaks), when we are most crowded. Non-holiday, weekday mornings typically are our least busy times.

19. What if I'm recovering from an injury or had an injury in the past?
  • People wearing casts or braces or other evidence of a recovering injury will not be permitted on the courses. We do not want to set back your recovery. An exception may be made for simple braces routinely worn for added support, strictly at the discretion of the Operations Manager.

  • If your shoulder, knee, or any other joint tends to dislocate with certain physical activity, you should not go on the courses.

20. Do you donate admissions for charitable causes?
Due to the overwhelming number of requests for donations, the cost, and the time involved in responding to the requests, we have to limit our donations. Requests for donations should be sent to donations@zoomair.us. We cannot promise a response, and requests that don't allow us at least one month to honor will not be considered. If you are requesting a donation for a school organization, you should mention if your school has arranged a field trip to Zoom Air in the past, and note when that was.

21. Zoom Air looks like a great place to work! How do I apply?
Applications must be completed at the Zoom Air office at Tuscawilla Park. You may apply there Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. We keep applications on file to have available in the event a position opens.

22. Who built the courses?
Zoom Air's courses were designed and built by Acrobranche U.S., Inc., d/b/a Treetop Adventure Concept. Learn more at www.treetopconcept.com.